Project with Lumena, a startup coffee & food business. The name, inspired by Saint Philomena (Roman Catholic patron saint of youth), evokes the feeling of rejuvenation experienced from having a healthy meal. The brand aspires to promote local, organically grown foods from various regions in Africa and I was tasked with creating an identity that reflects this. 
Images and statuettes often depict the saint holding an anchor and arrow. I developed the coffee shop logo with this in mind, using the anchor as a centrepiece to reflect the origins of the name. The main logotype is a customized sans-serif typeface with sharpened terminals on the letters. This reflects the arrows found in images of the saint. The company aims to expand beyond the coffee business so I was also challenged with creating an identity that can be adapted to other sections of the food industry.
^ Pantone colour guide for the various materials the logo will be used on.
A custom typeface for Lumena. To be used on marketing materials etc.
^ Paper cup sleeve design and template. The client wanted a sleeve design that changes seasonally so I created a template to easily apply future designs. This is the first design created.
^ I designed the signage and exterior of the coffee shops to follow the image and identity of the business.
Built-up stainless steel, powder-coated lettering. Letters supplied with opal back trays, LED internal lighting and stand-off fixings. Letters are also supplied with a paper template for installation. The registration mark is a flat cut on stand-off locators as it is too small to have returns installed.

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