I often mess around with lettering on procreate, there’s something very soothing about building your letterforms from scratch. This is an idea I came up with while Thinking too hard about the meta in a certain game I play and trying to make some slim typefaces.
Procreate is great for getting those crazy ideas on paper quickly but you don’t get real control over your work like you would on a desktop. It also doesn’t help that procreate only lets you produce raster images so I took the finished sketch to Illustrator for a little clean-up and vectorization (yes I know this isn’t maths class).
Yeah, I think I went a little crazy once i converted it to vector. At one point I couldn't save the file because I had exceeded the artboard width limit. Can you count how many levels of meta there are in the image below? Dimensions are 9601 x 16223 XD

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